Galloway Artisans

All art created by Lynn and Richard Galloway. The
vast majority of our work is from sustainable items, items are
recycled, reused, or salvaged materials. The wood comes from trees
removed by local tree services, taken down by the city because of safety
issues, etc... The stone Lynn draws on is mainly the scraps from a
local counter top company, the copper and other metals come from a metal
recycling place (except the silver of course). We are doing our part to
help keep materials out of our landfills and from being a burden on

Multimedia collage

Burl bowls

Burl bowls

Our selection of burl bowls is ever changing in type of burl,... 

Charcuterie and Cutting boards

Charcuterie and Cutting boards

We make a variety of Charcuterie and cutting boards from solid woods... 

  • Bowls

    Bowls come in many shape and forms. Here you will find bread troughs, turned bowls, and bowls made from the most beautiful burls you have ever seen.

  • Flat work

    Here you will find Charcuterie boards, cribbage boards, wall hangings, toy cars, any other products that start out from flat boards.

  • Fiber arts

    Our rugs are made utilizing the remnants from the Pendleton Woolen Mills mainly, with a few using repurposed sheets, tee shirts, and other materials.